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V8 - Through The Walls v2.0

Unabomber - Something Else

V8 - Hell For Eternity v1.0

Braincrack - Infected Thought

Entity Plus - Devil's Night

Direct - Hazardously Wasted

C.T.G. - Dark Blessing

Antichristus - Panzer Division (KRIEG Remix)

V8 - Black Wingz

V8 - Vortex

*NEW Peter Kurten - Sinners On Helium (Necron Mashup)

Snaper - Black Hoe Kit

Antichristus - Panzer Division Sample Pack

Gasmask 71 - Human Game Sample Pack

Hemoglobin - Terminator Sample Pack

Mystification - Show Me Sample Pack

V8 - End Of Line Sample Pack

I Wannabe Loops part 1

I Wannabe Loops part 2

Troops Of Doom - Tension

Black Hoe Family Forthcoming March, 2010

V8 - End Of Line

Faalb - Skies Of Millenium Night - album preview

ValkyR - What's The Matter

BH064 - KiMi - The Cost

BH065 - O.Nine - World In Pieces

BH066 - Weirdo - AXimilation

BH067 - Peter Kurten - Helium

BH068EP - ValkyR - Horrors In The Background Ep

BH070LP - Synthetic Violence - Autopsy Lp

BH072XLP - Faalb - Skies Of Millenium Night Lp

BH073XLP - Project:Mayhem - Khromatik Komkreated Abstraktology Lp

Migu - The Golden Age Promo Mix

Mutant V presents Migu - Friday The 13th Nightmare Mix @

CruizeOfFiction - Studio mix - September 2010

Migu - Guest Mix - Independenza Radio Show @ You.FM - 2010-09-30

Black Hoe Music Group on Bandcamp

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[blackhoe] BH074EP with Various Artists is available for free

[blackhoeonvinyl] Our second offer on wax including CJ Weaver

[blackhoeonvinyl] The first Black Hoe vinyl with Kaiza

[blackhoe] BH080XLP with Mystake is available for free

[blackhoe] BH074EP with Various Artists is out now

[blackhoeonvinyl] Our second offer on wax including CJ Weaver

[blackhoe] BH076EP with Effect is available for free

[blackhoeonvinyl] The first Black Hoe vinyl with Kaiza

[podcast] Black Hoe Podcast 005 with Effect

[toolbar] Peter Kurten - Sinners On Helium (Necron Mashup)

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